Let Go

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Let Go
When the storm clouds gather, when the thunder starts to roll
When circumstances overwhelm, and I feel I’ve lost control
When fear is all around me, and I don’t know what to do
I hear you gently say “let go, and I will see you through”....so
I cast my care upon you Lord, I know you care for me
I choose to place my trust in You, not in what I see
For the things I see are temporal, the things I see can change
But Lord You stand forever, You remain the same.
When I’m standing at a crossroads, and I’m not sure which way  to go
When the pressures of this life war against my soul
When the burdens get so heavy, I cannot seem to stand
 I hear you gently say to me “ let go, and take My hand.”.....so
When my trust has been betrayed, when offences come
When the pride inside insists that justice must be done
When bitterness and anger seem to surface every day
I hear you softly say “let go, I have a better way.”.....so
In every situation, I have come to see
You are always faithful, as You promised You would be.
So when I face tomorrow, and I don’t understand
I will choose to just let go, and place my life within Your hands.