Let Me Be Your Beacon

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Let Me Be Your Beacon
Let me be your beacon, let me shine your light
Let me take it deep into the darkness of the night
I want to make a difference, in this world each day
Let me be your beacon Lord, let me light the way.
A city on a hill cannot be hidden
For it’s light shines throughout the night
Bring hope to the lost and weary traveler
With a message that things will be alright.
Much the same can be said about the lighthouse
That stands alone on that cold, wet, windy shore
Shining forth the light, piercing the darkness
Guiding the wayward sailor home.
In many ways, this world is lost in darkness
And many people are searching for the light
But everything that this world has to offer
Only takes them deeper into the night.
Lord you said we are the light of this world
And you said if we would only take a stand
The things we’d say and do would make a difference
And your light would shine through us throughout the land.