I Don't Want Religion

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : I Don't Want Religion
I don’t want religion Lord, all I want is you
I don’t want a bunch of man-made rules trying to tell me what to do
All I want is to hear Your voice, and the things You have to say
I don’t want religion Lord it only gets in the way.
As far as I can remember Lord, I believed in You
And everything the Bible said, well I believed was true
But they were only stories of what happened long ago
So how was I to realize there was more of You to know.
They taught me how to sing the hymns, they taught me how to pray
They taught me how to live my life the so called ‘Christian way’
They taught me all these different rules they said were in Your Word
Some of which I must admit I found a bit absurd.
Now I don’t mean to criticize or put anybody down
Cause I am sure that they all did the best that they knew how
But all they seemed to know of You were traditions taught of men
For though in Your Word, I never heard ...you must be born again.
But through You grace and mercy Lord, I finally heard the truth
I’d never get to heaven just by doing things for You
I found out that Salvation was a gift, and it was free
All I had to do was turn to You and by faith receive.
Now since that day and down through the years I’ve come to realize 
That living by tradition can tend to paralyze
And while rules and regulations are important there’s no doubt
When they will not bend or move they keep Your Spirit out.