I'm Not Moved

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : I'm Not Moved
When the devil comes a-calling bringing sickness and disease
When my eyes and nose start running, and with every breath I sneeze
When my body’s aching from my head down to my toes
I take my stand on the Word of God until every symptom goes......cause
I’m not moved by what I feel, I’m not moved by what I see
I am only moved by what the Word of God says to me
And it says I’ve been redeemed, from the curse I’ve been set free
I’m saved, I’m healed, I’m sanctified, and I have all I’ll ever need.
When the devil comes a-lying telling me that times are tough
That I’ll always be in debt, and I’ll never have enough
When he tries to sow his seeds of unbelief and fear
I take a-hold of the Word of God and yell this in his ear.
When the devil comes through people, to oppose and tear me down
Trying to make me pack my bags and get out of town
When the persecution rages all around me everywhere
I find my refuge in His Word and then boldly I declare.
So when the devil comes a-calling, it doesn’t matter what he brings
persecution, fear or sickness, I can handle anything
Cause I just turn my eyes on Jesus, the perfecter of my faith
Secure in Him I take my stand, and then walk upon the waves.