Freedom's Wings

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Freedom's Wings
You knew me before You ever formed me.
You saw all my days before one ever came to be.
And though You knew I’d let You down, still You stayed around.
You purposed and You planned my destiny.
Through the years often times I struggled.
Not knowing who I was or where my life would lead.
Bound by Satan’s lies, I believed I couldn’t fly,
till You sent Your Word and set my spirit free.
On the wings of freedom You lift me high, soaring far into the sky.
High above the earth’s domain,
Free from the hurt, and pain.
On freedom’s wings I’ll fly, I’ll fly away.
You’ve called me to fly like the eagle,
in the Spirit to soar each time I sing,
And though I may not understand, all that You have planned,
I know You’ll be the wind beneath my wings.
Spending every moment Lord with You
There is nothing I would rather do
This world is not my home, I’m Yours and Yours alone
All I need will be mine if I’m with You.