Nothing Left To Lose

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Nothing Left To Lose
Lord I hear You calling, gently calling
Calling me to give my life away
Surrender everything, and simply trust you
Then follow you each and every day.
But You never said that freedom would come easy
You never said there wouldn’t be a price to pay
But you promised that you would never leave me
And that you would stay beside me all the way.
Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose
Finally releasing all control
Freedom is a sweet surrender living life with You
Knowing there is nothing You can’t do
Knowing that Your love can see me through
With all my heart O Lord I want to serve you
But selfishness keeps getting in the way
The more I try the more I seem to stumble
Somehow I can’t seem to lose the chains
I’ve come to see that freedom is a process
Where one dies a little every day.
More and more transformed into your likeness
Where pride and fear no longer have a place..
Lord I hear you calling, gently calling
Calling me to give my life away
So everything to you Lord I surrender
Let me live in your mercy and your grace.