Who Am I (Mary's Song)

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Who Am I (Mary's Song)
I stand here by the empty tomb, yet I still can’t quite believe
That He’s alive, for I saw Him die three days ago upon the tree
But as I reflect upon His life I remember all I was told
Things long treasured in my heart, that I’ve now have seen unfold.
His name will be Jesus, the angel said to me...I said
I don’t understand, I’ve not known a man, so how could this possibly be.....he said
The Holy Spirit will over-shadow you, and by Him you’ll conceive.....I said
I am the servant of the Lord, as you’ve said let it be to me.....but
Who am I that I should be the mother of the Lord
Who am I that I was chosen from all the women in this world
Who am I that I should find such favor in His sight
Who am I, who am I, who am I.
We took Him to Jerusalem when He was twelve years old
Never any trouble, always did what He was told
Then suddenly He was missing, three days later He was found
Sitting in the temple courts with teachers all around.....and I said
Son we were so worried, why have you treated us this way.....He said
Didn’t you know that I would be in my Father’s house today
It was times like these and many more, I pondered as He grew
Marveling at who He was, yet still wondering what He’d do...but
I witnessed His first miracle, changing water into wine
He saved the family much embarrassment though He’d said it was not His time
Through the next three years He taught about His Father up above
And to all who would receive Him, He reached out to them in love
But the leaders of the people were not pleased in any way....they said
He goes against the scriptures healing on the Sabbath day
So they conspired to condemn Him, then hung Him on a tree
And I remembered everything the angel had said to me.
It was spoken through the prophets many years ago
And why I didn’t see till now I will never know
But God so loved this whole wide world He sent His Son to die
So that all the world would be redeemed through His sacrifice....but
Who was I that I should be the mother of the Lord
Who was I that I was chosen from all the women in this world
Who was I to have found such favor in His sight
I was just a willing vessel, through which He chose to send His light.