Father Forgive Them

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Father Forgive Them
As they marched along the road, 
The road to Calvary’s tree
Jesus stumbled and fell under the weight of the cross
As the soldiers tried to show him who was boss.
As they nailed Him to the cross
He cried out in mortal pain
They hammered the nails into His hands and His feet
But Jesus did not scorn them in the least.
And Jesus said: 
“Father forgive them, they know not what they do                            
Father forgive them, Father forgive them
They know not what they do”
As He hung there on the cross
He looked down on them below
He left His mother in the hands of His friend
For He knew that soon His life on earth would end.
Then He raised His eyes on high 
And cried out in a pain-filled voice
“My God, my God why hast thou deserted me”
Then all at once His Spirit was set free.
Then they pierced Him in the side
To see if He was dead
Water and blood flowed from the wound in His side
And there He hung a deed they could not hide.