That Broken Bleeding Man

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : That Broken Bleeding Man
That broken bleeding man nailed to that cross of wood
How can he be the Messiah the chosen One of God?
Well they said a King would come and set his people free
But a broken bleeding man on a cross is all I see.
I’ve heard it said that He raised the dead, and caused the blind to see
That He spoke of love and a Kingdom that would last for eternity.
They say He is a prophet, a teacher, God’s own Son,
Yet it was His own people that demanded this be done.
So if he really is who he claims to be, why’s he hanging there?
Perched between two criminals while the people stand and stare
If he really is the Messiah why won’t he come down
They say that he saved others, why can’t he save himself..... oooooo
The sky is growing darker now, clouds are rolling in 
A storm is surely coming, I can feel it in the wind
Then suddenly He’s changed right before my eyes
Marred beyond all human likeness, as one wearing a disguise.
I heard Him say earlier today, with His hands and feet pierced through
Father, please forgive them, for they know not what they do.
And when His eyes met mine, it shook me to the core
For I had never seen such a depth of love before.
I’ve seen many crucifixions, but this one’s not the same
Too many things have happened that I cannot explain.
Now suddenly He cries out in a voice I do not know
The earth is shaken violently, and everything grows cold.... oooooo
That broken bleeding man, nailed to that cross of wood
I believe that truly He was the Son of God.