What Have I Done

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : What Have I Done
I didn’t mean for this to happen, it wasn’t meant to be this way
I just wanted Him to rise up, and take His rightful place
I believed He was Messiah, yet He wouldn’t take the stand
But I thought He might if I could somehow force His hand.
Thirty pieces of silver is what they offered me
To find a way for them to take Him without being seen
It seemed like easy money, I didn’t think they would succeed
But now He stands condemned, because of me.
What have I done, what have I done
I’ve gone, and betrayed innocent blood
How could I’ve been so foolish, how could I betray His love
What have I done, what have I done.
Three years ago He called me to be one of His very own
He showed and taught me many things that I had never known
I saw Him heal the sick, I saw Him raise the dead
I saw Him love like no one ever had.
Then in the upper chamber, where we gathered for the feast
I once more saw His love as He humbly washed our feet
He knew I would betray Him, He said as much to me
“What you do, do quickly, for what must be, must be.”
Thirty pieces of silver mean nothing to me now
Life for me is empty, my world’s turned upside down
I cannot bear to face Him, what must He think of me
Life for me is over, here’s a rope, there’s a tree.