A New Command

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : A New Command
I’ve been with you for three years now, and still you do not see
That I am in the Father and the Father is in Me
Everything that I have said I’ve heard my Father say
And everything that I have done has been His will, His way.
From the time that I first called you until this very day
I lived to reveal to you, I’m the Truth, the Life, the Way
And though you’ve seen the miracles, you need to understand
It was only the beginning, for now I have a new command.
Love one another as I have loved you
Love one another in all you say and do
For if you love one another, the world will surely see
That you are my disciples, and you belong to Me.
There really is no greater love, than to lay down your life
For your friends, to give your all, the ultimate sacrifice
And I say to you, you are my friends, if you do what I command
And I say to you, you are my friends, and it’s time to take a stand....so
The time has come for me to go, and I know you don’t understand
But everything this night will hold is in my Father’s hands
For long before you were born I knew this hour would come
And still I chose to walk this road, all because of love.
Bridge:For it is the greatest power this world will ever know
It can soften even the hardest heart, it can conquer any foe
But it only works through humility, it cannot be controlled
When you are weak, then you are strong, for that is how love flows...so