All I Know

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : All I Know
All I know is I love you, more than words can say
All I know is that I need you, more and more each passing day
And I’ll love you forever, though my world should fall apart
Oh Jesus! I love you with all my heart.
I can still remember, the day you called my name
And how I knew right then, my life would change
And as the days went by, Lord I grew to love you more
Cause Jesus, I’d never seen such love before...now
I can still remember, how you caused the blind to see
How you made the lame to walk, and stilled the raging sea
And I was there with you, when you fed five thousand men
And Jesus, you even raised the dead...now
You are my Lord, you are my best friend
You are my teacher, and my companion
Wherever you may go, Lord it’s there I want to be
Cause Jesus, you’re everything to me...now