- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Mercy
They caught me in my lovers arms, and pulled me from his side
There was nowhere I could run to, no place I could hide
They took me to the Teacher, and threw me to the ground
They began to ask Him questions, but He uttered not a sound
He didn’t even look at them, but wrote upon the sand
Teacher! they demanded what do you say? Where do you stand?
We caught her in adultery, the law says she must die
Jesus stopped His writing, and He slowly raised His eyes...... and said
Let he who is without sin, be the first to cast the stone
Let he who is without sin, step forward, stand alone
You stand there so self-righteously demanding her demise
But you don’t see you’re just the same in my Father’s eyes.
Chorus #1
He desires mercy, not sacrifice
He desires mercy, for His love can change her life
He desires mercy, not sacrifice
He desires mercy, she’s precious in His sight.
One by one they dropped the stones, and slowly turned away
Till I was left alone with Him, and then I heard Him say
Where are your accusers? I said Sir they are no more
He said Nor do I condemn you, go and sin no more.
Chorus #2
I desire mercy, not sacrifice,
I desire mercy, for His love can change your life
I desire mercy, not sacrifice
I desire mercy, you’re precious in His sight. 
Well many months have now gone by since that amazing day
And my understanding of God’s love has grown in many ways
There’s so much that has happened, so much He’s done for me
But none compares to the day He spoke those words and set me free... He said
Chorus #1
Chorus #3
He desired mercy, not sacrifice,
He desired mercy, and His love has changed my life
He desired mercy, not sacrifice
He desired mercy, I’m precious in His sight.