Your Ways

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Your Ways
Lord you never turn away, no matter what I do
You said you came to stay, and I’ve found your Word is true
But I don’t understand this grace you give each day
For I know I don’t deserve your love in any way.
I’ve known of you for years, from the time I was a child
And I believed in you, when I was running wild
You were always there for me, even when I caused you pain
Lord I don’t understand why you never turned away....but 
Your ways are higher than my ways
Your thoughts above my thoughts
As high as the heavens are from the earth
So are your ways above mine.
I’ve said it many times, a thousand maybe more
All I have and all I am, I surrender to you Lord
But then I turn around and see, my behaviour hasn’t changed
No I don’t understand, why you never turn away......but
So I give you all my praise, it’s the least that I can do
Every night and every day, I will worship you
You’re my one desire, for you I want to live
Still I know that you deserve, more than I can give.....oh