Daddy, I Love You

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Daddy, I Love You
I know You’re here, cause You promised to me
You’d never change, You’d never leave
Here by my side, You’re talking to me
There’s nowhere else, I’d rather be.
So many years, searching in vain
Trying to find a cure for the pain
Formula driven, I couldn’t see
You were here all the time, waiting for me
Daddy, I love You
I Don’t know why I didn’t see it this way before
Daddy, I love You
Every day, just a little bit more.
Storms all around, waves crashing in
Visions of failure, temptations to sin
Your banner of love, protects me from harm
Safe and secure, I rest in Your arms.
I know You’re here, Your peace I can feel
You’re presence surrounds me, so warm, and so real
You’re all I want, all I’ll ever need
Thank you my Father, for first loving me.