You Made A Vow

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : You Made A Vow
Marriage is a covenant between a woman and a man
An institution born of God, part of the Master’s plan
A life-long commitment, the union of two hearts
On a journey ‘till death do us part.’
When the honeymoon is over, and the years have slipped on by
When life’s become predictable, and the passion has run dry
When someone else comes calling and you’re tempted to stray
Remember the covenant you made.
You made a vow, promising to love one another
You made a vow, a covenant no man should ever sever
You made a vow, for better or for worse, you made a vow
For richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health
As long as you both shall live, you made a vow.
When the storm clouds gather, when the thunder starts to roll
When waves of strife come crashing, and heartache takes it’s toll
When you’re tired of all the fighting, and you want to walk away
Remember the covenant you made.
When your partner has been unfaithful, when you have been betrayed
When everything you feel inside wants to make them pay
When you want to make them suffer for all the grief and pain
Remember the covenant you made.
So in spite of every circumstance, no matter how things seem
Nothing is impossible for those who will believe
Faithful is He who called you, He will make a way
When you remember the covenant you made.