Love just isn't love

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Love just isn't love
He faced his executioners with a smile on his face
Though his life was ending, he knew he’d run the race
The time had come at last to lay his tired body down
Soon he’d be receiving that long awaited crown.
It didn’t seem that long ago, he was standing in their place
executing Christians who would not deny their faith
At the time he couldn’t understand why they would choose to die
And when he asked the question, this was their reply.
Love just isn’t love, until it stands the test
Love just isn’t love, until it gives the best
Love has no limits, love knows no bounds
Love is always seeking to bring light to all around.
The more he watched the more he saw things he could not explain
How could they ask forgiveness for the one’s who caused them pain
And why did they not try to fight or resist him in some way
But the more he asked the questions, the more he heard them say.
God so loved the whole wide world, He sent his Son to die
He’d heard the story many times but he thought it was a lie
It all seemed so impossible, it made no sense in any way
But that all changed forever when he heard the Savior say.
He faced his executioners with a smile on his face
Still in awe and wonder at God’s amazing grace
His life had come full circle, and now he’d reached the end
When they asked him “any last words” this is what he said.