We Are Here To Celebrate

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : We Are Here To Celebrate
We are here to celebrate to lift our voice and sing
We have here to houour our Saviour and our King
God so loved the world, He sent His Son to earth
So we are here to celebrate, and remember our Saviours birth.
I remember the three day journey on the road to Bethlehem
The way was rough and rocky, it was hard on beast and man
I had to carry Mary, and I could sense she was in pain
Yet through that long hard journey, I never heard her complain.
I remember the night in question, I remember it all
The stable was full of animals, two or three to a stall
I remember the man and the woman, I could see she was in pain
Then I heard a baby cry, and nothing was the same again.
I remember that night on the hillside, when the angel first appeared
I saw a light shine all around, I saw the shepherds shake with fear
I wondered what was happening, I didn’t understand
Then someone said “the Saviour has been born in Bethlehem”
From the sheep out on the hillside, to cattle in the stall
We all bear witness the Saviour came for one and all
This is our story, and with one voice we say
Jesus is reason we celebrate Christmas day.