Born To Die

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Born To Die
A voice of one calling in the desert “prepare ye the way of the Lord
Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill brought low
The crooked paths shall be made straight, the rugged ways made smooth
And all mankind will see together the Salvation of their God.”
This was my assignment, to prepare the way for Him
And for years I preached the message ‘repent, turn from your sin’
And the day I saw Him coming, I knew inside of me
Here was the Messiah, come to set His people free.
This is the man who was born to die                           
This is the man who will lay down His life
The Perfect Lamb, God’s only Son
Born to die for everyone.
When He came to me to be baptized, I didn’t know what to do
I said “I am not worthy, it is I  who should be baptized by You”
He said “Let it be so for moment, let righteousness be fulfilled
You may not understand it all, but it is my Father’s will..
So I baptized Him in the Jordan, for the forgiveness of sin
Though I knew fully well he was blameless, no fault would found in Him
Then the Holy Spirit descended, and lit on Him like a dove
And I heard a voice from heaven saying “This is my Son, the One I love.
Now everywhere they’re talking of the wonders He’s performed
So I must now become less, He must become more
And He will cause the falling and rising of many in Israel
A Sign that will be spoken against, so hearts will be revealed.