Mary's Song

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Mary's Song
I stand here by my sleeping child, and I still can’t quite believe
Everything that’s happened,   everything I‘ve seen
Still as I reflect on these past few years, and remember what I was told.
I cannot help but marvel at all I’ve seen unfold
His name will be Jesus, the angel said to me...I said
I don’t understand, I’ve not known a man, so how could this possibly be.....he said
The Holy Spirit will over-shadow you, and by Him you’ll conceive.....I said
I am the servant of the Lord, as you’ve said let it be to me.....but
Who am I that I should be the mother of the Lord
Who am I that I was chosen from all the women in this world
Who am I that I should find such favor in His sight
Who am I, who am I, who am I.
I knew I had to tell Joseph, to whom I was betrothed 
I didn’t know what would happen, I knew he could have me stoned
Still I told him about the angel, and all he’d said to me
But I could see from his expression that he did not believe.
But just a few days later Joseph came to me
And told me how an angel had appeared to him in a dream
And confirmed to him that everything I had said was true
Then he took me home to be his wife, and the child within me grew.
Nearly nine months later, a decree came out of Rome
We had to go to Bethlehem, it Joseph’s family home
For three long days we traveled, I was tired, and I was sore
We arrived to find the inn was full, there was no room for more.
As we stood there wondering what to do a voice behind us said
It isn’t much, but in the stable I can make a bed
So he led us to the stable, his wife brought blankets to keep me warm
And a little while later, our little boy was born.
I remember how the shepherds came on bended knee
And how the star shone so bright   for all the world to see
Still later how the Magi brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh
And here I am still marveling at all I’ve seen and heard.