Just Be You

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Just Be You
Everywhere around you walls are falling
Foundations you’ve relied upon are crumbling apart
Everything you’ve known now is changing
But this is not the ending, no, this is but the start.....you see
For far too long you’ve followed man’s traditions
Believing that you had to serve, as your duty, and your part
But you need to know it’s not your true position
You are not my servant, you’re the child of my heart....so
Just be you, and I’ll come through
Just be you, and you will find, there is nothing you can’t do
For long before you came to be, I planned your destiny
And all that you would do, I prepared for you.
I know that in your human-ness you struggle
Trying to walk in holiness, trying to live each day
But do not be discouraged when you stumble
For it’s in those times of weakness that I can show my strength.....now
Now each and every one of you is a wonder
Uniquely formed and fashioned, precious in my sight
And if you’ll walk with me you will discover
It’s who you are, not what you do, that lets me shine my light....so