Times Are Changing

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Times Are Changing
Ohhhh... times are changing      Ohhhh... times are changing
There are things coming down in the heavenly realm, that the naked eye cannot see
Things if we were told, we would behold, we simply would not believe
For the logical mind hasn’t the time for things we think are absurd
Still we must realize we’re foolish, not wise, when we choose to ignore God’s Word.
Ohhhh... times are changing      Ohhhh... times are changing
We say “peace, peace”, when there is no peace, deceiving ourselves more and more
For we don’t want to hear God ‘s judgement is near, and that He’s calling us on the floor
So we make the choice to run from His voice, and bury our heads in the sand
Pretending in vain, that nothing has changed, and we don’t have to take a stand.
Ohhhh.... but times are changing      Ohhhh... but times are changing
Now the script has been written, it’s going to happen, every word, every stroke, every line
And like it or not, it’s going to get hot, for He’s coming with fire to refine
And there will be no escape, He’s going to get us in shape, for there is still so much to be done
And now is the hour to stand in His power if this battle is going to be won.
Ohhhh.... cause times are changing   Ohhhh... cause times are changing
The bottom line of this story; He’s coming in glory, and every knee then will bow
He’ll expose every sin that’s secretly hidden unless we repent of them now
You see He’s drawn the line and now is the time that the power of pride’s going to fall
Then every tongue will confess, He is the best, Yes Jesus is Lord of all.
Ohhhh.... times are changing       Ohhhh... times are changing
Ohhhh.... times are changing       And things will never be the same.