One Day At A Time

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : One Day At A Time
The longer I live, the more I find, life must be lived one day at a time,
Making the most of every minute we have.
Though we plan for the future, we must realize,
There really are no guarantee’s in this life,
For minute by minute, only hour by hour we stand,
No, our future lies in the palm of the saviors hand.
Yesterday is gone, never to be repeated
Tomorrow’s still to come, but as yet we can’t perceive it.
We can’t live in the past, or change what we have done.
We can’t live in the future, cause we don’t know what’s to come.
Today is all we have, it’s all that we’ve been given,
But if we’ll ask the Lord, He’ll show us how to live it.
You see, He wants us all to find, that greater peace of mind,
So let’s trust Him with our future, and let’s leave the past behind.