Wait On The Lord

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Wait On The Lord
This world’s in such a hurry, moving faster every day.
A quick fix society, where speed’s the only way.
And you may think in order to succeed, you must keep the pace.
But you’ll never know contentment until you learn to wait.
Wait on the Lord, just wait on the Lord.
Put your agenda aside, and wait on the Lord.
And you will mount up on wings as eagles, you will walk and not faint.
You will run and not grow weary, as you learn to wait, as you learn to wait.
When life becomes a struggle, and begins to weigh you down.
When problems overwhelm you, and you feel like you might drown.
When you’re trying to keep it all together, but you just keep losing ground.
Turn your eyes on Jesus, He’s where your answers will be found.
Now all this world can offer can never satisfy.
The hunger and the longing that comes from deep inside.
All the riches, fame and fortune will be left behind,
but your relationship with Jesus, will last you for all time.
So take the time to listen, come on learn to hear His voice.
He wants you to know Him, but only you can make the choice....to