Guardian Angels

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Guardian Angels
With thundering wings and shining swords,
The mighty host of heaven stand on guard.
Commissioned by the Son, to do battle with the evil one,
And to shield and protect the saints of God.
We have guardian angels watching over us,
We have guardian angels watching over us,
And we may never see, how they intervene,
To deflect the fiery arrows Satan shoots at us,
We have guardian angels, we have guardian angels, watching over us.
With shouts of praise they wield their swords.
Onward into battle for the Lord,
With His banner lifted high, they sound the battle cry,
And swiftly put the enemy to flight.
Though the world sees nothing wrong,
Day by day the battle rages on,
But we are safe and warm, we have shelter from the storm,
For we walk within the shadow of their wings.