God Has A Purpose, God Has A Plan

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : God Has A Purpose, God Has A Plan
God has a purpose, God has a plan,
Though you may not see it or understand,
In all situations, in all circumstance,
Nothing that happens, happens by chance.
Well He knew all about you before you were born,
You see, He planned for your coming before you were formed.
So though you may have heard you were not meant to be,
There was no mistake the day you were conceived.
Now the Lord has a calling for everyone’s life,
And each one is different, no two are alike.
All your gifts and your talents He’s given to you,
So you can fulfill all He’s called you to do.
So when trials come, when you’re feeling down,
When you’re looking for answers that just can’t be found.
When life is uncertain, when you can’t seem to stand,
Know your destiny lies in the palm of His hand.