Cast Your Burdens

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Cast Your Burdens
When life is full of questions without answers
When trials and tribulations come each day
And in spite of all the things the world can offer
Nothing seems to take away the pain.
When all you do is struggle, strive, and worry
Trying to find a measure of release
Know that Jesus died to give you freedom
To walk amidst the storms of life in peace.
Cast your burdens on the Lord. Cast your burdens on the Lord
Give Him all your worries and your cares
When the trials of life come round, and circumstances bring you down
Cast your burdens on the Lord and leave them there.
It doesn’t matter how deep you see the valley
Or how hard you think that mountain is to climb
If you’ll turn to Jesus and surrender
He will come and bring you peace of mind.
Now there will always be unanswered questions
And trials will never really go away
But as you learn to trust Him you’ll discover
You don’t have to hold on to the pain.