Peace, Be Still

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Peace, Be Still
One night in a boat on lake Galilee, Jesus lay fast asleep
The disciples were trying to make their way, to the other shore before the break of day.
When suddenly the wind picked up, the thunder roared, the waves grew rough,
And the lightning flashed around, as the rain came pouring down.
They woke up Jesus and said to Him, Master the water is pouring in. 
The boat’s in danger of going down, don’t you care that we’re going to drown.
But Jesus said “don’t be afraid, why do you have so little faith?”
If only you could see, all you have to do is believe.”........then He said
“Peace be still,” He said “Peace be still.”
Peace be still don’t rage any longer. Peace be still wind, rain, and thunder
Heed the voice of the Lord, be still don’t rage anymore.
The disciples stood in wonder and awe, as the wind died down and the Lake grew calm.
The clouds rolled back into the night, the stars came out and the moon shone bright.
And they said “what manner of man is this, that the wind and the waves listen to Him?
And they were terrified, they couldn’t believe their eyes........when He said
Now it may seem in so many ways, that your life is being tossed on angry waves.
Trials rain down, opposition blows, you think no one cares and you’re all alone.
But Jesus is there just the same, and He’s waiting for you to call on His name,
if only you’d believe, He’d calm your raging sea.......for He says
“Peace be still,” He says “Peace be still” 
Peace be still don’t strive any longer, Peace be still let my love surround you 
Heed the voice of the Lord, be still don’t strive anymore.
And He says “Peace be still,” He says “Peace be still,” He says “Peace be still.”