Grace, The Gift That Is Free

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Grace, The Gift That Is Free
About two thousand years ago, Jesus walked this world we know
Tempted in every way we are, but did not sin.
He came to lay down His life, a once forever sacrifice,
Redeeming everyone who would believe in Him.
Grace, the gift that is free. Grace, by faith must be received.
It’s not a prize that can be won through anything that we have done
Worth more than silver, more than gold, it can’t be bought it can’t be sold
Grace, the gift that is free.
Now you may be one of those who’ve heard, and yet you still reject His Word
Choosing to believe that you can find another way,
Somehow you don’t understand, there’s but one salvation plan
Jesus paid the price, there’s nothing more to say.
Now you and I who know the Lord, need to realize there’s more,
See grace has power for living, as it has power to save.
There will never be a task too difficult if we’ll just ask
for His grace to help us, all along the way.