Ancient Paths

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Ancient Paths
Through many different means, through many different ways, you’ve been searching trying to find.
The road that will lead you to happiness, and a never ending peace of mind.   
But this world can’t give you a lasting peace, it doesn’t matter what it may say.
For the peace that it gives is for a moments time, and all that’s lasting is the pain.....So
Ask for the Ancient Paths
Ask for the way of the Lord.
Ask for the good way and walk in it,
And you’ll find rest for your soul....you’ll find rest for your soul.
From the moment you were born the questions began, where do you fit in?
Why are you here? Where are you going? Is there a purpose? Is there an end?
Well the answers to all your questions are found only in the mind of the Lord.
For only He who created you with His hands, really knows what lies in store.....So
Stand at the crossroads, look and see, follow the way of the cross.
It’s the road that will lead you to happiness, but it won’t be traveled without a cost.
Stand at the crossroads, look and see, you know there’s really only one way to go.
There are many who’ll tell you which road you should take, but the choice is yours alone.....So