Journey Of A Lifetime

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Journey Of A Lifetime
You have me on the journey of a lifetime
Traveling a road, I don’t know where it leads
Teaching me to trust the voice I’m hearing
Teaching me to trust what I can’t see.
Everywhere around me walls are falling, 
Foundations are crumbling apart
So many things I used to place my trust in, 
Step by step you’re purging from my heart   
Yes, everything I’ve ever known is changing, 
So many things are different now to me
Things I thought were one way are the other, 
Truly, I was blind but now I see.
There are times the road gets rough and rocky, 
And the mountains, they seem so hard to climb
But it’s in those moments when I’m weak and weary, 
I can feel your hand slip into mine.
Yes, everywhere I go you are beside me, 
The Constant in everything I do
Speaking words of wisdom to me daily, 
Lighting up the way and seeing me through.
Now day by day O Lord you lead me onward,
Waking me to things I’ve never seen
Inviting me to come a little closer, 
Open up my heart and just believe.
Yes you’re calling me to come and know you fully, 
To walk a road, where few have gone before
To taste of things that I could never dream of, 
To truly know myself, and so much more.