Faith Is Today

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Faith Is Today
Faith is today, it’s not tomorrow          
Faith is today, it’s fresh and alive
Speaking out hope, my earnest expectation
Faith is today, and for the rest of my life.
In this world there will be trouble
In this world there will be pain
Yet You have said that I’m an over-comer
As I choose to walk in faith.
And no one else can do this for me
It’s a road I must walk with You
Day by day, and step by step together
You will show me what to do
When circumstances rise like mountains
When the walls start closing in
You said, If I’ll stand in You and face them
I will never fail to win.
But, I can’t be moved by what I’m feeling
I can’t be moved by what I see
No, I must fix my eyes on You Lord
And everything You’ve said to me
Now anything that I can ask or imagine
Lord, You are able, much more to do
So, side by side on this road together
We will see this journey through.