My Father

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : My Father
My Father rules the heavens, the sun, the moon, the stars
My Father rules the oceans, and all things near and far
My Father is a lover of every person’s soul
He’s the One who sent His Son, to restore, and make us whole.
My Father owns the mountains, all the hills and streams
My Father owns the valleys, and all things in between
My Father is the Creator, all things are of His hand
And He’s the One who holds the key to me knowing who I am
I see Him in the moonlight on the freshly fallen snow
I smell Him in the fragrance of the newly blossomed rose.
I hear Him in the thunder as it rolls through the heavens above
I feel Him in the sunshine, as He surrounds me with His love.
My Father writes the music that all creation sings
My Father writes the stories of each and every thing
My Father is the author of all the beauty that I see
He’s the One who paints the rainbow, and the sunset just for me
My Father brings me comfort, when pain is all around
My Father brings me wisdom, when answers can’t be found
My Father’s the provider, He knows all that I need
He’s the One who is my constant, always there for me.
My Father holds tomorrow, the future’s in His hands
My Father holds my destiny, I can trust His plan
My Father is eternal, always was, and will always be
The Alpha, the Omega, everything to me.