What I Have Does Not Determine Who I Am

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : What I Have Does Not Determine Who I Am
You’ve got to keep up with the Jones’, if you want to get ahead
You got to live up to the standard, if you’re looking for success
You’ve got to climb the ladder if you want to win the game
Who you are will be defined by what you can attain.
They say, “Bigger’s always better, and better’s always best”
Life’s a competition, you must be better than the rest
But I have come to realize, that despite what we are told
Who I am will not be found, in the things that I can hold.
What I have does not determine who I am
And it’s not an indicator of where I truly stand
For little or much it’s always changing like sifting sand
What I have does not determine who I am.
Titles and positions, the applause and praise of man
All that you could ask for, come on, take it if you can
But all that endless striving will never bring me peace...no
I will never find myself through what men think of me.
Now around us everyday, we hear the message ring
Come discover who you are, in all the latest things
But nothing really satisfies, and this we all will see......no
I will find out who I am through the One who walks with me