I'm Looking For Love

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : I'm Looking For Love
Love’s stories are told, from days of old, “once upon a time”
Heroes, and villains, forever remembered in song, and verse and rhyme
But they are just fables, legends, and tales designed to make you feel
I need something more, than stories and lore, I need to know love is real.
All of my life it’s been heartache and strife, disappointment, rejection, and shame
And though the tears that I’ve cried, long since have dried, deep inside I still feel the pain
I’ve tried to forget, but it seems there’s a debt, that I somehow can’t seem to pay
I need to break through, but what can I do, I simply don’t know the way.
I’m looking for love, and all that it means
I’m looking for love, outside of all that I’ve seen
Cause I need to know, what’s false and what’s true
I’m looking for love, I’m looking for You.
I’ve heard love is patient, I’ve heard love is kind, constant, faithful and true
It’s not jealous or proud, boastful or loud, it isn’t self-seeking or rude
I’ve heard it protects, believes only the best, always trusts, and never lets go
O where can I find a love of this kind, surely someone must know.
They say You are love, come down from above, to heal and set us all free
But if You’re really there, and really do care, why has all this happened to me
I don’t mean to complain, but the depth of the pain, insists that I have my say
If love is real, show me the deal, and I’ll decide if I want to play.