High Above

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : High Above
When your world seems dark and gray, when the clouds won’t go away
And it feels like the rain will never end
When, no matter how you try, you just can’t find the reason why
Know that the sun will shine again.
For high above the clouds of gray, the sun still shines forth every day
And even though it can’t be seen, understand it doesn’t mean,
No, no, no, that it’s not there, 
For it’s up there shining clear and bright, pouring out it’s warmth and light
And it won’t ever go away.
When your friends have let you down, when pain is all around
And all you want is to run away and hide
When it seems no matter what you do, no one knows what you are going through
Know that the Lord is by your side.
And high above your circumstance, the Lord is working out His plan
And even though you cannot see, doesn’t change the reality
No, no, no, that He’s still there
For the Lord who reigns from Heaven above, is forever pouring out His love
And He won’t ever go away.
Into each life a little rain must fall, on the just and the unjust one and all
And there’ll be times when you may feel you’re all alone
But one thing you must understand, He holds your life within His hands
Know you are never on your own.
For high above this world you know, the Lord is in complete control
And even though you cannot see, doesn’t change the reality
No, no, no, He’s Lord of all
So when the storms of life come round, and circumstances bring you down