Faith Is

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Faith Is
When trouble overtakes you like an overwhelming flood
Or like a mountain that seems to reach the sky.
Just remember there is nothing that can’t be overcome
If you have the faith to stand upon His Word.
Faith can move a mountain or calm a troubled sea
Faith is believing, though you cannot see.
Faith is obeying, though you do not understand
Faith is believing God has a better plan.
When you feel Him gently call you to step out in His Name
Don’t let your foolish pride stand in the way.
But just remember that all things work out when you obey
When you have the faith to stand upon His Name.
So when you walk with the Lord in the power of His Word
you know, nothing can stand in your way.
For every mountain will crumble, every enemy will fall
As you stand in faith and declare Him Lord of all.