Are You Sold Out For Jesus

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Are You Sold Out For Jesus
Are you sold out for Jesus, are you sold out for Him
Are you willing to do anything to let His light shine in
Are you living like today could be the day He comes again
Are you sold out for Jesus, are you sold out for Him.
If you want to be a Christian, you’d better know right from the start
A commitment to the Lord must be in whole and not in part
For when Jesus came and died He gave us all He had to give
So you must do the same if you want to follow Him.
If you walked into a room and were the only Christian there
And you felt the Spirit prompt you to open up and share
Would you take a step of faith, would you willingly obey
Or would you go with the temptation to turn and run away.
If your friends came up and asked you to do something that was wrong
And you felt you would be laughed at if you didn’t go along
Would you hold to your conviction, would you stand and not give in
Or would you bend to the peer pressure, and walk right into sin.
Now the World is out there watching every little thing you do 
Cause it wants to see if everything you say is really true
But if the life you lead does not reflect the things you say
This world is going to think your faith is just another game.
So if you’re going to be a Christian, there’s a choice that you must make
You can serve the Lord with all your heart and mind and soul and strength
Or you can live for Him half-heartedly and never grow in faith
But then your reward in Heaven will reflect the choice you make.