I Believe In You

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : I Believe In You
There is nothing in this world I desire more than You
Because no matter what has happened you’ve been there to see me through
You’ve always been faithful, Lord You’ve never let me down
You broke the chains that bound me, and turned my life around.
I believe in You, and all the things You’ve said and done
I believe in You, You are God’s Anointed Son
You are Ruler of the universe, a mighty conquering King
Creator, and Redeemer, Lord You are my everything.
And You’re the One thing in my life I know will never change
And no matter what may happen I know You’ll always stay the same
You’ll always be with me every step along the way
Jesus You’re the sunshine, that brightens up my day.
You’re all I need O Lord, You’re my one desire
None can take Your place, none can lift me higher