On The Wings Of An Eagle

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : On The Wings Of An Eagle
As long as I can remember, all I’ve wanted to do is sing
Songs of love, songs of nature, songs of praises to my King
For something in the music touches deep inside of me
Where it heals my hurt, soothes my soul, and sets my spirit free.
Oh I will mount up on the wings of the music
Like an eagle I will soar throughout the sky
High over mountains, lakes and valleys I will fly, I will fly
And the melody will lift me higher, and take me closer to the throne
Till at last I am standing in the presence
Of the One who calls me His own.
Long before I even knew Him, the Lord birthed within my soul
A desire to sing His music, everywhere I go
And His Spirit keeps reminding me of His call upon my life
To preach His message boldly, through every song I write.
Now a day is surely coming, and I know it won’t be long
When I’ll stand before my Savior and sing for Him my song
And forever I’ll be grateful for this gift He’s given me
And for the freedom that I’ve come to know every time I sing.