- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Arise
On down through the centuries, the Church has slumbered on
Waking for brief moments, but never for too long
Well the night is nearly over, daylight’s on it’s way
The time has come, we must awake, and take a stand today.
Arise, ye chosen of the Father
Arise, and take your rightful place
For we are priests within the Father’s service
And we are called to live a life of faith
Stir up the gifts within you
Fan those coals into flame
For there’s a world out there waiting
For someone to show the way.
For far too long now Christians have been fighting with themselves
Over man-made doctrines, and very little else
But the Spirit of the Lord is moving once again
And He’s calling us to unity, man with every man.
Now you and I may be the only light some people see
So we must walk in holiness, and live in purity
Cause words today mean nothing, people need to see
The power of the Spirit flowing out from you and me.