You Will Reap The Things You Sow

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : You Will Reap The Things You Sow
In life you’re like a farmer sowing seed into the ground
The things you say and do are the seeds you scatter round
And every little seed will have a harvest of it’s own
So you must be very careful where your seeds are sown.
You will reap the things you sow, the seeds you plant will surely grow
To the flesh or to the Spirit, the choice is yours alone
Everything you say and do, will one day return to you
The harvest time will show, you’ll reap the things you sow.
Now you may be one who thinks it doesn’t matter what you do
For God’s mercy and forgiveness will always see you through
Though it’s true He does forgive you, make no mistake
There still are consequences to every action that you take.
Now you just like the farmer must choose where to sow your seeds
And the soil that you choose will determine what you reap
So sow unto the Spirit, and live unto the Lord
And you’ll find that come the harvest, you’ll reap a rich reward.