- Karl Berg
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Listen Count : 2700
Lyrics : Pride
Back in the beginning before God made man
An incident occurred that was not of God’s plan
His most beautiful creation, the son of the morn
Decided to exalt himself above God’s throne.
A third of Heaven’s angels followed after him
And the universe was witness to the original sin
But Michael and his angels withstood the foe
And Lucifer and all his hordes were cast below.
It was pride that caused the fall of the angel of light
It is pride that continues to cause men to fight
It is pride that can make a man think wrong is right
It is pride, it is pride.
Pride exalts itself while putting others down
Pride’s only desire is just to wear the crown
Pride wants the attention of everyone around
Pride Oh... it is pride.
Now you may be out there thinking this song is not for you
That pride just isn’t part of anything that you do
But the Scriptures warn be careful, when you think you stand you fall
No one is immune to pride’s seductive call.
If a brother or a sister were to stumble and fall
Would you reach out in mercy, would you heed the call
Or would you stand in judgement and righteously proclaim
If that were me I never would have done the same.
And so it will continue now till the end of time
As long as sin is in the earth there will be pride
But you and I still have a choice in how we’re going to live
Pride is not the master till we let it in.
Karl Berg    May 98