What Does It Profit A Man

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : What Does It Profit A Man
What does it profit a man, 
To gain the whole world while losing his soul?
Tell me how can the fortune and fame, 
Ever replace the gift that Jesus gave?
Oh why do we get so caught up in this world?
Striving so hard for material gain
Why do we get so caught up in this world?
When we know it only leads to destruction, and pain.
Now the world would like us to think
That happiness comes through the things we possess
The world would like us to think.
The more we can get, the more that we’ll have 
And so the happier we will be.....But tell me
Now the world would have us believe
That riches and power solve all of life’s problems
The world would have us believe.
They’re all that we need if we’re going to succeed
In fulfilling all of our dreams.....But tell me
Now this world is not our home
And though we live in it, we should not be part of it
This world is not our home.
It has nothing to give we don’t already have
In Jesus Christ our Lord......So tell me
Karl Berg    July   93