Will You Be The One?

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Will You Be The One?
Take a look around, come on open up your eyes
Trials will surely come with the changing times
Now the days are growing darker, evil’s running free
The question you must answer is, will you stand or will you flee?
Will you be the one to stand for the Savior?
Will you be the one to fight for the King?
Though everyone around you may turn and run away
Will you be the one? Will you be the one to stand and stay?
You call yourself a Christian, you say you love the Lord
You go to church each Sunday, and you read His Holy Word
But do you really know Him, and the power of His cross?
And are you ready to follow Him regardless of the cost?
The battle lines are drawn, the time is now at hand
One way or another, you’ll have to take a stand
You see the world is out there watching, just to see what you will do
Will you take that stand for Jesus, no matter what they do to you?