United We'll Stand

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : United We'll Stand
On the day of Pentecost, on that blessed morn
The believers were together, all in one accord
Praying and singing praises, glorifying the Lord
God poured out His Spirit, and the Church was born.
Persecution raised it’s ugly head and moved from town to town
Stalking the believers, and striking many down
Still the Gospel flourished, still the Church grew strong
For the Spirit went before them uniting them as one.
Oh united we’ll stand, divided we’ll fall
You see the Church must stand together, or it won’t stand at all
Denominational rules, have only caused strife and pain
It’s time we put aside our differences, and come together in His name.
But on down through the centuries, oh so much has changed
The Church that was so powerful now lies in disarray
Factions and infighting are now the order of the day
As we try to show each other, who has the better way.
We are one body, so the Scriptures say
And if we’re going to follow Jesus denomination has no place
We have one purpose, we only have one call
To live our lives for Jesus, and let Him be all in all.