We Are His Beacons

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : We Are His Beacons
We are His beacons in a world that is lost
Shining forth the light that can lead them to the cross
So together we must stand, side by side in one accord
To pull down all the strongholds and proclaim that He is Lord
His light shines forth in this world of night
And the darkness has not overcome the light
And out of this world, He’s called you and me
To be His light on that hill for the world to see.
Chorus: (x2)
Though the darkness may seem to grow stronger each day
Victory is ours if we’ll stand and obey
For He’s called and equipped us to stand up and fight
And push back the powers of the night
Chorus: (x2)
Now the day will come when this battle will end
And we’ll stand face to face with our Savior and friend
But until that time we must stand in the night
Together on that hill, our light shining bright.
Chorus: (x2)