Take A Stand

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Take A Stand
Those of us who know and love the Lord
Must begin to fight to keep the Gospel pure
For more and more the world each day, tries to paint the Gospel gray
By saying there really isn’t any right or wrong way.....so we must
Take a stand, and hold on to what is right
We can’t afford to compromise, the truth is black and white
Take a stand, come on lets show the world the way
Let the light of Jesus shine in our lives each day.
There are still so many searching for the way
Who can’t believe the Gospel’s for today
Because they look at the Church and see, division and disunity
And not the love for one another that they know there should be.
So for those of us who know and love the Lord
We must begin to live our lives in one accord
So that in everything we do, His love will shine on through
And the world will see the reality of Christ in me and you.