Obedience Is The Key

- Karl Berg
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Lyrics : Obedience Is The Key
The wind of the Spirit is blowing again, moving all across this land
Calling out to anyone who will hear
The days are short, there’s so little time, where will we stand when they draw the line
It’s a question we must answer today, Are we ready to listen and obey.
Because obedience is the key to revival
It releases the power of God into every trial
No power on earth can stand, when we’re following His command
Obedience is the key to revival.
The Lord commanded Joshua to be brave and bold, to follow the law and do all He was told
And He’d go in and surely possess the Land
Well the same applies to you and me, we must follow His Word, trust and believe
For there really is no other way, we need to learn to listen and obey.
Now the Spirit is calling to us today, to stand in His power and show the way
For there are still so many who do not know
Are we willing to lay down our lives, whatever the cost will we pay the price
It’s a question we must answer today, are we willing to listen and obey.