Spread Your Wings

- Karl Berg
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Listen Count : 1925
Lyrics : Spread Your Wings
For such a time as this, you stand before the Lord
Destiny awaits, as you venture forth
So much that you have known is about to change
With every step you take, know you'll never be the same.
He has brought you to this hour, He has led you to this day
And in spite of all you been through, He has made a way
And I know you stand in wonder at all the Lord has done
Still, He wants you now to know, you have only just begun.
Spread your wings,(echo) the time has come to fly
Spread your wings,(echo) and sail across the sky
Come dance upon the mountaintops, soar above the clouds
Spread your wings (echo) your journey's starting now.
Before you now He stands, look into His eyes
Feel His love surround you, you're precious in His sight
Now, there's so much to discover, so much He has in store
So take His hand and know, you've never been this way before.
Oh the places He will take you, the wonders you will see
As you ride upon His Spirit, as you soar in liberty
And, He will go before you, He will light your way.
Yes, He will be your portion, each and every day....so